The Story
the story

The Original Ungrafted

Chile is a true rarity in the wine world. Unique geographic and climatic forces have allowed it to remain one of the very few grape growing regions in the world where original European rootstocks have survived, unaffected by Phylloxera – the vine disease that destroyed countless vineyards across the world, forcing grape growers to graft, or transplant and bind, their vines onto disease resistant rootstocks.

Crafted exclusively from grapes grown on original, ungrafted root systems and produced using sustainable methods, the intense fruit flavors and authentic varietal character of Root: 1 wines are living proof that character comes from your roots.

Unique Geography

Chile's isolation, protected by the mighty Andes to the east and the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean to the west, ensures that grape vines can remain on the original rootstock, in their purest form.

These same geographic characteristics provide Chile's fertile central region with optimal climate and soil conditions to produce consistent an outstanding grapes each year. Cabernet, Carmenere and Syrah flourish in the warm, sun-drenched central valleys of Colchagua and Maipo, while the coastal vineyards of Casablanca are ideally suited for Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Map of South America

Sustainable Viticulture

Root: 1 wines are produced within the philosophy of sustainable viticulture, ensuring that all farming and winemaking practices are specifically tailored to nurture the unique attributes of each vineyard, the environment and the local community. The results of this careful stewardship are evident in the consistent high quality found in every bottle of Root: 1 wine.

Sergio Hormazábal